<< Into the Wild >> Live a Simple Life

Director : Sean Penn

Cast: Emile Hrsch

Rating: 82/100

What a brand new masterpiece, it is a pity that it cannot be nominated on best picture and best director. The story is full of adventure and life, it brings us back to nature – the beautiful side of the world.

We got to recognize the society is getting interrupted by the market system. People has already forgot what they dream for. The ultimate goal of life is not about money, but about the value deep inside your heart. The film is well made with many different views about life learnt throughout the grow-up of the boy, it raises the concern between sacrificing nature to get better development in city. We have lost ourselves in a blurred vision of society, and let the “empty hole" dominating us and motivating us to work and give up enjoying the nice pieces around us.
Like “Cars", it gets us to know what time to stop and look around the things you have in hand. Everyone is stuck into a puzzle they cannot give up the social perception or the belief not to go away for a try to involve in the world. It does give us surprise if we learn how to makes friend with it. We don’t always be jammed in car congestion, or being upset for a salary cut and unable to purchase food in high-class restaurants. Have a wider vision, the world is different to us.

There is always strong struggle between the operation of society and preservation of nature.
Every human should be of the same status. Every one single man is valuable. What I have been touched in the scene that a guard has caught Christopher for taking the train, just because he doesn’t have money or an identity even. In today’s world, you have to take up every issues by the useless papers and some rubbish cards. Just one small paper can get you into paradise or to the hell. Identity cards, passports, cheques, … from when on did people give so many limitations to themselves?

The theme of film brought about is what I enjoy and agree very much. It is the definition of happiness. Definitely of much deeper study in happiness than “Pursuit of Happyness". Happiness does not come from money, it also cannot come from independence. God creates the world and get people to enjoy, but not their own selves. From the movie, the most enjoyable moments are the time when Christopher meets every new people in a spot. “Happiness comes true only when shared." It shows great Christianity and nature in the movie. The “God Bless Us" in the backside, the salvation village has got the characters and audience relaxed.

The superb landscape and marvelous natural world has fascinated me in the complete 120 minutes. It is fun and documentary-like, filming of animals and plants captured in the character’s journey, recording of daily conversations with new friends met in his trip. Thanks to the cameramen and editors, shots on the beach or sea are so smooth and genuine, it is like a real travel show but brings meaning to life.

It could be named as “No Country For Young Man". The young guy needs to take risk and go everywhere he likes, regardless of the limit society has hanged on to him, regardless of his parents. He really does a “jumper" job: Everywhere is possible. In the world we find no place for a young and active person to go free, freedom should be the right to born with, however, life is not under control by oneself. All are obliged to regulations and instructions. Set by whom? God even would not stop us to go on our own way. The territorities should not once be there. It’s time to change old men’s rules. The world would get wonderful, only a few steps to walk out of our sight. Lead your lifestyle and don’t lose control of your life by temptations brought in society. Learn to appreciate everything around, and sunshine is being with us always.

p.s the Chinese title of the movie is too far from topic. It is totally unrelated with 野外求生. Don’t get a wrong expectation of the film for being like “Cast Away". A good film indeed to let all think once over what should be done here in such a wonderful place God has given to us as a gift.



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